A Brief Introduction to Harbin No.3 High School

        Founded in 1923, Harbin No.3 High School is a prestigious senior high school with a long history and modern culture, aiming to develop multiple education programs on High-school Education, and international communication with America, Japan and some European countries. In 2002, the school was ranked among the first model high schools in Heilongjiang Province and the only National Civilized Unit in the elementary education system in Heilongjiang Province in 2007 and 2009. It has established its reputation as a provincial key high school both at home and abroad.

    There are 380 teaching staff with the spirit of utter devotion and professional knowledge in our school, including 180 postgraduates, 146 senior teachers, 9 special-ranked teachers, over 30 teaching and research staff and academic leaders in various fields. Many teachers have gained their reputation as expert teachers and have their influence in a variety of teaching and research fields.

    I.Educational principles of running a school:
    Adhering to the motto of being upright in character, diligent in the pursuit of knowledge and rigorous in seeking truth, and the teaching style of being serious and precise, our school is aimed at fostering talents with noble moral character and professional knowledge.

    Educational characteristics:
    With the concept of quality-oriented education, our school takes layered teaching as a breakthrough, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude to develop their individual characteristics.

    Education with special characteristics:
    Characteristic education of foreign languages
    Our school has always attached great importance to foreign language teaching and English teaching in our school has won its reputation both in Heilongjiang province and other provinces. The English competence of the students is far better than their peers. Lots of students can pass CET-4 and CET-6 during their high school education and most of the students can communicate in English fluently. Every year, the Model United Nations Conference will be held in our school, in which we have delegates from high schools of Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning provinces. What’s more, the students who have attended the MUN held by American prestigious universities on behalf of our school all perform quite well. Besides English, the students can also choose Japanese and Russian as their second language in the optional courses. Most of the teachers of foreign languages have ever been abroad for further study to broaden their horizons, thus being knowledgeable and well-informed.

    Mental health education
    With 5 qualified full-time and part-time psychology teachers and their advanced concepts and approaches, our school has set up a psychological protection center for juveniles, which enjoys a high national reputation.

    Creating the reading atmosphere
    Regular reading activities and lectures about Chinese traditional culture are held in our school. Also we have optional courses to promote Chinese traditional culture and a literary club to encourage students to read more valuable books, guiding students to pay attention to our national tradition and culture and cultivating students’ sense of science and humanity.

    Students’ association activities
    At present, the school has more than 20 clubs, including Drama Club, English Club, Arts Club (dance and music), Tai Chi Club, Basketball Club, Photograph club, and the Club of Model United Nations, which hold activities every week, aiming to promote students’ self-development in a free and inspiring atmosphere.

    The International popularization of Chinese
    To respond to the call of National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and Education Department of Heilongjiang Province, our school has been dedicated to the international popularization of Chinese, which has been commended by the leaders in charge and awarded the honor of Teaching Base for International Popularization of Chinese and Advanced Unit for International Communication of Education in Heilongjiang Province.

    Through the practice of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL), our school has strengthened the discipline construction and the fostering of teaching staff, accumulating experience for popularizing Chinese and undertaking the project of Confucius Classrooms, so that we can have the advantage and promote international communication and cooperation on education.

    Harbin No.3 High School has also established friendly relationships with foreign countries like America, France,Britain, Denmark, Canada, Japan, Russia, Singapore and Korea so that the students here have broadened their horizons and the teachers can have a better understanding of the world through exchanging and academic communication.

    In recent years, our school has established cooperative relationships with Purdue University in America, Kansai Institute of Language in Japan, University of Prince Edward Island in Canada and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, which has created a studying atmosphere of international standard for the students. In addition, the students here are given more chance to communicate with students in National University of Singapore, which enables them to have the ability to communicate and study in a multi-cultural environment.

    II. Exploring the open principle of running a school and accumulating administrative experience.
    More than a third of the students in Harbin No.3 High School have chosen to go abroad for further study after entering universities for years. To meet the demand of the students, our school has provided a variety of paths to overseas study according to their needs and various levels.

    Cooperation project with American Purdue University (The students who are selected and recommended to Purdue University will be directly enrolled.)

    ACT-GAC project The Project enables our students to gain access to the top 100 distinguished universities in America. It is in the charge of the Northeast franchise center of ACT-GAC, which is situated in our school and is the only testing     center in the northeast of China.

    University of Pennsylvania-PCP
    The project of studying in Japan and direct enrollment by Kyoto University( From 2008, we are beginning to have a class in which only students who are going to study in Japan will be enrolled. )

    The enrollment base of Cambridge University
    Studying in Korea, a project in the charge of China Scholarship Council
    The cultivation base of Anglo-Australian students studying abroad
    Our school is qualified to accept overseas students, which is approved by the Education Department of Heilongjiang Province. We have set up classes of foreign exchange to regulate educational projects of overseas students. In addition, our school has also designed courses on Chinese and Chinese culture with the teaching and administrating of full-time and part-time teachers. Special classrooms with multimedia and wireless Internet facilities are prepared for the overseas students. Besides that, computer classrooms, reading rooms, Chinese culture experiencing rooms and places for club activities are also provided. Meanwhile, our school has dormitories and canteen specially prepared for overseas students according to the national standard.

    After five years’ steady development, we have made great progress in teaching overseas students Chinese as a foreign language. We have also gradually improved in the following aspects like teaching system, curriculum design, teaching facilities, and educational administration, and have formed our own teaching and management model which not only suits the need and the development of overseas students, but also has its own characteristics and advantages, and at the same time have accumulated some management experience.

    Now, our school has the ability and thus sincerely welcome teachers and students of foreign twinning schools to come to Harbin for communication and Chinese learning.

    III. Emphasizing subject construction and professional training of teachers.
    1. Cooperating with universities to have complementary advantages. To make the popularization of Chinese more professional and in a large scale, our school has set up a training base of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, together with the local universities so that we can explore cooperation space in teaching research, students’ internship, and international communication to promote the teaching quality and the development of the project.

    2. Emphasizing the professional training of TCFL teachers mainly through the following ways:
    (1) By utilizing the educational resources of the universities, we have provided professional training for the TCFL teachers to improve their knowledge, mainly in the form of observation teaching and research, and training in teaching methodology, thus enhancing their teaching and management abilities.

    (2) Outstanding teachers have been selected to go abroad for professional study and teaching practice in TCFL. In the recent decade, lots of teachers have been sent to the twinning schools of America and Britain for teaching practice and Chinese culture communication. They spare no effort in popularizing Chinese and Chinese culture through the MUN, all kinds of trainings and activities held in local schools, thus fostering students’ enthusiasm in learning Chinese and promoting the development of Chinese teaching in local schools, which have exerted certain social influence.

    (3) Our school encourages teachers to take part in qualification tests and professional trainings. And many teachers have passed the national tests and trainings and got the TCSOL Certificate. Every year, about 10 teachers are willing to take part in TCFL activities as volunteers and actively participate in the tests and trainings.

    The Principal of Harbin No.3 High School, Mr. Wang Mingwei, sincerely invites the principals of American high schools to come to our school for visits and communication at their convenience.

    Contact information:
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